Thursday, 5 March 2009

Miscarriage Part 2

o after spending nearly 3 weeks flat out on the sofa feeling like death warmed up I finally start bleeding.....didn't come as a suprise really. I've got a scan booked privately tommorow and hope it's going to be ok to cancel it, I already know the outcome and don't need to pay a £100 to find out anymore. I call OH and tell him what's happening and can he come home. I grab my maternity notes and wonder who I should call. First I call my midwife but no one picks up. Any problems, call the labour ward the midwife had said, so I try there. I speak to a stressed sounding midwife who is like, look I have no idea but you should'nt be ringing here. I'm now in tears as I've no idea what to do next and don't really want to be dealing with this shit right now. I try ringing the main hospital desk to see if I can find out who it is I should be ringing. They say they are not sure but to try another hospital with a gyne ward which is a few miles away. I ring the other hospital and finally get to speak to a nurse on the emergency gyne ward who tells me to come in.

We make our sad and sorry way to this other hospital and negotiate the terrible car park which cost a fortune and only has spaces as far away as is humanly possible. We try and negotiate where we need to go to find Ward X but there is no one around, eventually we find Ward X and the doors are locked. Great, no staff around, locked doors, no signs telling you how to get in nothing, we try knocking on the door. After 10 mins, sitting outside the doors happily bleeding away an orderly passes and we ask how we get in. "You need to ring the buzzer" he says pointing to a tiny button located on the bottom of a thing that looks to me like a fire alarm, amongst a whole load of other wall mounted boxes with buttons on...well of course, silly us! Why not put a simple sign saying please ring the buzzer, with a helpful arrow maybe!

We ring the bell and after a few buzzes some one finally lets us in. We are shown into a waiting room with signs saying "Emergency Gyne Ward X" it's totally empty and we take a seat and wait, and wait...and wait. We can see the nurses having tea and laughing at the station and there is a telly in the corner with some rubbish on. If this is an "emergency" ward I'm wondering how long it takes in a non emergency ward.... After a few hours a nurse says the doctor is ready to see us. I have a quick examination and they say it's a "threatened" miscarriage. I say that I know the baby is gone and could they please just give me a scan so I can get on with things. They say there are no appointments available for a scan and as I'm booked in for one in two weeks that will be enough. While the doctor is saying all this, he's sitting on the chair of a bloody great scanning machine right behind him. I ponder upon what kind of emergency you need to be having for them to fire up that bad boy, obviously dead babies are not high enough on the list.

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