Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Trying to get an appointment

So I'm feeling proper miserable about still feeling so rubbish and have decided I really should try and get the blood test and ring the midwife. Here's how it went, I'm having to ring at work so I'm trying to ring between customers in the shop...

I ring the surgery 10.15am - listen to 5 mins message about swine flu and prescriptions before waiting another 5 mins ringing for someone to pick up the phone. I can pick up a new blood test request form after all hooray! Shame I can only pick it up in office hours so will have to get someone to work so I can pick it up, but fair enough I did lose the first one. Ask if I could have the number for the midwife, after a long discussion in the back ground about Yorkshire tea and who drinks it (which to be fair is great stuff) they decide they can't find the number and can I call back later.

I ring at 11am listen to the 5 min swine flu/prescription message again but give up after 5 mins ringing out

I ring again 11.15am and now the lovely swine flu message seems to take longer than ever before I wait...and wait but no one picks up *sigh*

I ring again 11.50am after listening to the swine flu message and feeling like I'm fast losing the will to live, someone finally picks up, and even better they have the number, result!!!

11.53am ring midwife - who tells me crossly I should have booked an appointment (wow, i'm meant to know this how? Psychic powers?) She tells me she can probably fit me in tommorows clinic at a push, and I have to ring ...wait for it....the surgery to book....well F&*%ing great!

11.55 I ring surgery and by now know the swine flu number off by heart, which actually may come in handy! No one can be bothered to actually answer the phone tho and after 7 mins I give up

12.02 I ring optimistically one last time and after a nearly 10 min wait someone picks up...but they ask if i can hold and I sit through 5 mins of elevator music, this can't be good for my blood pressure I swear. Eventually though I manage to get an appointment for tommorow, HOORAY!!

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