Tuesday, 22 September 2009

One more day...

I cried on the way to work today, on the train with the woman opposite me staring over the top of her Metro newspaper..I felt like a fool and I wanted to shout out that my baby had died only two weeks ago. Instead I gave myself a stern pull your self together speech and concentrated on what I was going to buy for lunch. Walked around M&S like a zombie, everything seemed strange, like a dream world. Only two weeks ago I was buying my lunch in here with Isabella safely tucked in my belly, only two weeks ago everything was different.
Had to deal with a "smelly guy" who is lovely and means well but stinks to high heaven, he has been "popping in for a chat" ever since I first opened my shop, normally I would be very patient and at least pretend to be interested but today I felt like telling him to F*** right off. Instead I made my excuses by saying I needed the loo, thought this would get rid of him but lo and behold he came back after 10 mins with some more questions and drivel. I have the patience of a saint.

Came home and danced with my hulahoop in the back garden....the neighbours must think I've totally lost it. I'm determined to lose this extra weight and get into shape though so needs must! Shame I spoiled it by eating the rest of yesterdays cheesecake..oh well one step at a time.

One day I will hoop as good as this :-

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