Monday, 12 October 2009

Death To The Floral Wallpaper Form Hell!!

We moved into our little house in June this year, which came complete with the previous owners taste in all things floral. The living room is particularly horrific, with pink stripy wallpaper (carefully selected to clash with the burgandy carpet) under the dado rail and nasty floral above, complemented by floral curtains which match nothing else, blergh!!

From Blogger Pictures

From Blogger Pictures
We were going to wait until we had enough money to do the whole room out, replaster, new fire, new carpet, the whole shebang. But with the prospect of actually affording this looking ever further in the future I decided I could stand it not longer and something had to be done. So I popped to good ole B&Q and got some one coat magnolia and a bit of wallpaper. Much grumbling from OH ensued, as working on a Sunday is really not his thing, especially as I'd decided on doing this and had gone and got the stuff before he was even up out of bed :P We worked all day and I'm pretty pleased with it, although everything else looks really shabby now lol!

From Blogger Pictures


  1. Your wall looks so much better now. I swear I started laughing at the floral wallpaper. YIKES!!