Thursday, 8 October 2009

Isabella's Funeral

Isabella's funeral was this morning. The sun was shining and the cemetery was beautiful. Her coffin was beautiful, white and gold with a nameplate with her name and date of birth engraved onto it. We had a humanist ceremony and the words that were said were beautiful. OH read a poem he had written for Isabella when she was born, I'd not read it before the funeral as I got too upset to look at it, so it was lovely to hear it for the first time. It was so so sad but I was so pleased that she got to have a proper burial and a proper ceremony, it felt right.
She is buried in a hospital plot, I felt a bit upset that we couldn't afford a proper grave for her but it was actually quite nice. She will have a headstone with the names of all of the 12 babies buried in the plot. I was told this takes a while, maybe 2 years, it makes me sad to think of all the other babies that will die in the future that will share this place with her.
I made a flower basket with some roses and some lavender from the garden. I made two little tags, one with her name on and another with "forever loved". This was my first bash at flower arranging but I don't think I did too badly (with a little help from Youtube) At the end of the ceremony we let off a pink sky lantern, which nearly crashed into a tree and I had visions of us setting the cemetery on fire or something...but just as I was beginning to imagine the next days headlines it lifted off and away. We lit the other 5 in the evening with the kids and they loved them. My littlest asked if we were sending them to Isabella in heaven, which I thought was so sweet.


  1. I am so glad you were able to do this for your sweet Isabella. The flowers look beautiful and the ceremony sounds lovely. Thinking of you. xx

  2. I'm pleased the ceremony went well, it sounds lovely. I always think lovely is the wrong word,but it does sound lovely. x