Thursday, 1 October 2009

Laptop Broken :(

*sigh* just to add to my run of extraordinary bad luck, my laptop's hard drive has just totally died...perfect, just perfect. Oh and I didnt back up all the business data that is on there as I've been kinda preoccupied lately, so that's just great too. We're also totally and utterly broke which just makes life even more fun. The rent on the shop is due today and I can't pay it, eeek!!
I'm off to Ireland tomorrow, with no kids YEY! OH is speaking at a conference over there and his parents decided that it would be nice for me to go too, so they have bought me a flight and even given us some spending money!! Mind you with the kind of luck we've been having lately ..will the plane crash, will we actually find the place we are meant to be going to, will the shop burn down in my absense, will we make back in one piece...we shall see lol!!

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  1. Frustrated Fairy, I've been trying to leave a comment on your blog for a couple of days,but couldn't get past your word verification thingy, until now.
    I wanted to send you love and let you know how sorry I was to read about your baby girl.
    Love to you, Jeanette x