Friday, 16 October 2009

Oh Joy...

So I still have the um...jippy tummy.....the squits.... the runs....whatever. 7 long days of it now, complete with cramps from hell and I have really truly had enough. I sheepishly rang NHS direct who inform me I need to visit my GP. Now the chance of me being any more than 10 feet away from a toilet in order to attend local surgery......well lets just say it's not an option. So even more sheepishly I ring the GP and explain my predicament, she says she will get someone to ring me. So GP rings back and says that in order to check what it is I will need to do a "sample" say WHAT! OMG!! EWWWWW!!! Even worse I have to get the mother-in-law to be to collect and return, oh the humiliation. Just to make it extra specially nasty, the bag that said sample bottle has to be sent back in, totally transparent, I mean just good lord NO!!! Well at least the NHS have a sense of humor eh!

So now I'm truly truly disturbed by what happened and am refusing to say another word about it....and I still don't know what is wrong with me as it's going to take till Monday to get the results, meh!

All I can say is that I'd better have lost some weight by the end of all this!

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