Monday, 26 October 2009

Postmortem Results

We finally got the results from Isabella's post mortem and all of my tests. They found absolutely nothing, nothing wrong with baby or placenta or anything else. All my blood tests came back totally clear too. The Dr was actually quite nice and actually listened to my concerns about how poorly I felt in the pregnancy and how I'd felt there was something not right. She asked a load of questions and sent me for some more blood tests just in case but she was honest and told me they probably wouldn't find anything. She advised that research shows better outcomes for parents waiting a year before conceiving. I don't know whether to feel pleased that at least they've not found anything that rules out us trying again, or whether to feel even more nervous about it as they've no idea what caused it. I'm going to wait at least the year before we think about it. I wonder if I will feel like it's too risky?

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