Monday, 5 October 2009

Random Bad Luck Strikes Again

OK, so after a fantastic weekend I should have expected the worst. I was wondering where my course materials were for my open university course were, a I was sure it was meant to start in October. So I decide to give them a quick call just to check where they were. I should have expected the response, " oh you don't appear to be registered for that course"....ok what??? I'd registered for said course since early August, forms had been sent back, all agreements signed and sealed. " oh it seems we left a message on your answer phone and as you didn't respond you haven't been fully registered" Ok I say, but it's not too late to register now yeh? ....yeh? Alas, no it seems that the course is now full and they can only register me for the February start date. Which finishes in October 2010...meaning I wont have it before September. September being the month which I was hoping to start Uni, the Uni which I now can't get into as I'll not have finished the OU course. FFS!!!!!!!!!!!! So now it's going to be a full two years before I can even think about starting the course *sigh*
After thinking about it a while maybe it's no bad thing, maybe it will give me more time to get my head around everything, maybe it's all for the best and all that. The only trouble now is what to do with the shop. It's not making enough money to justify me staying but it's a wonderful wonderful shop that I have put so so much love and hard work into that it is going to be very difficult to leave it behind. But realistically I'm going to have to get rid of it and *shock horror* get a real job again. This real job is probably going to involve scrubbing toilets or wiping old ladies behinds knowing my luck :( My lease is up on the 31st October so I need to have made a decision by then wether to give it up or stay for another 6 months in the hope things will pick this is all too much.

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