Tuesday, 6 October 2009

What To Do With My Life In Limbo???

I feel like I'm in limbo... I'm totally confused as to what to do and where to go next?? I had everything planned out really nicely before we lost Isabella, and now everything has gone thoroughly to shite!

Part 1. The Now. I have until 30th November to work out what to do with my business. I can A. keep it and deal with being poor but happy B. Close the shop and run it online only C. Sell the business..this would be lovely but is tricky to actually do!

Part 2. The Later. Most of the options above involve me *shock horror* getting a real job. As these are pretty thin on the ground at the moment and as being self employed means it's tricky to get a reference. This in all honesty probably involves scrubbing toilets or wiping old people's butts....nice!

Part 3. The Long Term. I really want to train as a midwife. Do I A. be patient, go back to college around working and wait until 2011. B. Do a nursing diploma instead and top it up after to a midwifery afterwards?

Part 4. A Baby! I'd like to try again at some point before I get too ancient, how the hell do I fit this in around everything else.

.........Actually I feel better already having boiled this all down to nice multiple choice questions, wow thank you blog land :D


  1. I'm not stalking you...honest! Just wanted to say yup, me too.Totally get the limbo thing.
    Maybe I sgould try the multiple choice listy thing too.

  2. Ok, it's me again, just wanting to send you love and strength for today. I'm holding you in my thoughts, the sun is shining here, I hope it is where you are and your goodbyes are as beautiful as they can be. x x x