Saturday, 21 November 2009

The Bodies Exhibition

We're going to visit the Bodies Exhibition in Birmingham tomorrow. I've seen in before when it was in London and it was fascinating and I actually learnt quite a bit (which I was impressed with as I see myself as a bit of a biology buff)
There is a section as I remember it, about the beginnings of life, it shows fetuses from conception right through to full term. I was having a miscarriage (at 6 weeks) when I last saw this exhibit and still found it really interesting and not upsetting. I wonder how I will feel this time seeing it?

We are going to visit some friends tonight who we haven't seen in a while, OH arranged it and only after told me they have just had a new baby, a little girl. It still bites a little (ok a lot) seeing other peoples new babies and I'm a little nervous of going there. What will I do if I get really upset? I don't want to spoil the evening. I was going to get a present from Mothercare for them this morning but looking through the clothes I was looking through not long ago for Bella got to me a bit. There was a really cute little corduroy dress with applique that I'd liked so much. I'd picked out a few things from there for Bella after we had the 20 week scan. I got as far as the till and then had a "funny feeling" that I shouldn't be buying them and put them all back. I wonder thinking back if somehow I knew something wasn't right? Anyway, I didn't want their baby wearing "Bellas clothes" and now I don't have time to get to any other baby shop so will probably have to go back after work and get at least something so we don't turn up empty handed *grumbles*


  1. Oh I'm far too squemish to have seen that exhibition when it was on here in Manchester.
    I hope your evening goes better than planned. I understand how hard it is to buy a baby gift,I'm probaby too late, but how about a gift for Mum instead, flowers, smellies, I dunno?

  2. Oooh, Jeanette. That's such a good idea. Or food - what new mum wouldn't like some baking to eat or freeze for later or a casserole or curry? I don't know if I could see that exhibit, either. I'm not squeamish about the physicality, it's the reconciling respect for the body with public art I guess. The human body is a beautiful thing, but it seems a bit odd to me to see dead bodies on display other than at a wake. What's the atmosphere when you're there? You'll have to share with us how it was.

  3. Well I popped back into mothercare after work just as it was closing and grabbed a little cream fleece jacket that was very cute. The food or stuff for mum would have been a great idea tho!
    We didnt end up going to the bodies thing, but it was really amazing when I saw it in London and the atmosphere is very calm and respectful. It's not presented as art but as an educational exhibit, with loads of information so you really understand what it is you are seeing, sections were on things like respiration or circulation. It really was the most fascinating thing I've ever seen. It felt very much like the natural history museum, if you've ever been there.