Wednesday, 11 November 2009

DD's Birthday Party Planning

It's DD's 7th Birthday this Sunday. She's decided on a cooking party, which I've changed to a cupcake and cookie decorating party as there are now too many kids coming for hot ovens and baking trays to be safe. We tagged along with my Mum last weekend to the International Cake show in the NEC and saw some incredible stuff, less cake decoration and more like edible art. I've been looking for some inspiration for something a little more suitable for 7 year olds. Firstly I've been browsing Epicute which is a blog about cute food and nothing else! YEY!
These are the best I've found so far...OMG OMG packman and super mario cupcakes *joy*..I'm easily pleased *claps hands* :D


  1. Mmmm. Yummy and pretty! So cute but I'm betting they won't last long....