Sunday, 29 November 2009

Lanterns and Love

This weekend one of my best friends invited me and the gang to visit her home town of Calne in Wiltshire. We managed to stay at a nice hotel right in the village with a buy one night get one night free deal, YEH! It was lovely to just get away from everything and I felt really relaxed. We visited the Avebury stone circle on Saturday which was a little windswept, rainy and muddy but was still really interesting. In the evening we went to watch the village lantern parade, but when we got there there were some spare lanterns so we all got to join in. We had these big stars and were right at the front of the parade, we got totally soaked in the rain but it was great fun!
My friends dad is a vicar and we all went to church with them on Sunday, the church was absolutely beautiful, very old and lit with candles and everyone was really friendly. I do appreciate the place of the church in the community but I always find it slightly uncomfortable as a total atheist having to sing along and join in with the prayers. I always feel like a bit of a heathen and worry that someone may ask me a question that I can't reply without being rude or that someone would say something about unmarried mothers, or unchristened children.
Reminds me of this woman, years ago, at work having a big rant about teenage mothers and how they can't raise their children and that they must all be totally thick ect ect. I listened patiently and then told her that actually I had my son at 18 and I didn't think I was doing such a bad job of it, she was totally mortified lol!!

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  1. The lantern festival sounds lovely - and the pictures are so pretty. I'm glad you had your weekend away and didn't encounter anyone who felt the need to soapbox about other people's lives. ;0)