Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Phones and Forgiveness

I've just finished watching the film Paranormal Activity, which Dave has spent the last two days bugging me to watch when I really didn't want to. It was actually pretty good and very creepy but has not made me totally creeped out.
I've invested in a shiny new phone, a HTC tattoo. I've always had an old scruffy phone as I'm forever loosing them or having it with no batteries or not having any credit on it bla bla. This means that no one ever calls me! I've always been pretty good with my ipod though so I figured if I get get a phone with an MP3 player on it I might actually use it and *shock horror* I might actually be contactable. So Dave helped me choose a load of my favourite songs for it and loaded them all onto it. Whilst we were in the middle of this DD kept bugging us about coming to a meeting with her, we were all like "can't you see we are busy honey" and kept shooing her away. She came and stuck badges on us with our names on and with designs stamped on. Here's mine.
From 2009

When I put her to bed I realised that she'd done loads of signs around the house guiding people the way. All made in the shape of a castle.

From 2009
On her bedroom door there was a hanging sign on string with open on one side and closed on the other. A sign saying bajees (badges) and a pencil case filled with badges she'd made stuck to the door too. I feel so guilty not paying any attention to her after she'd gone to all this trouble!! She's so creative and clever and so utterly cute! I'm going to find time tomorrow to play "meetings" with her and we are going to pick up supplies for card making. I totally forgot my Mums birthday and so we are going to make her a really nice card. I'm so wrapped up in myself and my grief lately I've forgotten about all the wonderful people around me, really need to give myself a kick up the backside!

From 2009

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