Thursday, 26 November 2009

Writing and Deleting

I've just read a beautifully written and insightful post on a blog here I wanted to write something in the comments, but I wrote it and deleted it about 3 times before giving up. But I did write that I had given up! So many times I've wanted to write in the comments of other peoples blogs , just to show solidarity, just to say that I've read and understood what they have said or that I feel the same and that it's ok. More often than not I fail miserably to express what I really want to say and end up deleting the post, before re writing, deleting, re writing and in the end giving up. Anyone else ever done this? I wish I'd not given up as I some of the comments on my blog have really given me a boost when I've been really down (thank you SO much you lovely people!!!!) and just knowing I'm not alone, it means alot.
I really would like to brush up my skills and I suppose writing a blog is good practice, before this I've only ever written in the context of essays and the odd business thing and I never was any good at writing those things either lol! My spelling is appalling too (I had to just google the spelling then, oh the irony!) I wonder if there are any helpful websites out there? Or maybe an online course? **trots off to search google**


  1. Yep! I write whole blog posts then hit delete!I know I'm not as eloquent as many out there, I'm so thankful for some of the incredible writers out there sharing thoughts and feelings on loss.Reading their words has helped me no end.
    Sometimes I worry about leaving comments, but mostly I just think that what I've written comes from my heart,it may not be perfectly phrased,but I mean every word, and like you I cherish the comments left on my blog. I've been comforted many times by someone out there just thinking of me, and holding my baby in their heart even if only briefly.
    I'm surprises there! Sorry!

  2. I do this too! Sometimes I end up not leaving a comment, other times I will just say something like "Thinking of you" that way they at least know I am reading and I care.
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  3. Definitely. I even had exactly the same problem commenting on that exact same post! The comment I posted was probably about version ten and I still wasn't happy with it.

    But once I get going, I tend to leave a huge rambling comment. Just ask Jeanette! xo