Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Christmas and Chiropractic

Merry Christmas everyone!

I was expecting to feel really shit right now, Bellas due date is coming up on the 1st Jan, shop is not doing too well, doing xmas dinner for the first time, trying to find cash for a crazy wedding in the desert somewhere, stress, stress, stress ect! And you know what.....I feel ok...I'm actually almost feeling festive.
My best friends gave us the most wonderful Christmas presents, a hamper they made for us, stunningly wrapped, plus loads of lovely goodies and two presents each for the kids. They got me this really cool polka dot monster thing with button eyes that attaches to your phone. My phone is a slippery little thing that I keep dropping and I really wanted a big something to attach to it, I can even find it in my handbag now, I couldn't have gotten a better prezzie! They made such a big effort and I felt kind of bad that we only bought them one present back, even if it was a really cool present. Anyways I'm really appreciating how awesome it is having such wonderful amazing friends :D
I've also been going to the Chiropractor, twice a week for the last five weeks, because my back was in a state after being pregnant. As well as my back pain having nearly totally gone, I think it's really helped me feel 100 times better. The chiropractor was going on about energy and the spine and how my scan looked very flat and tired when I first went. I wasn't interested at the time I just wanted to get out of the constant back pain, but wow it's really worked. Anyway, I feel so much better, not quite the old me but almost human again, I've not needed to take my St John's wort for two weeks and generally have more energy and enthusiasm for life again. The only trouble was that I had a sudden sort of wake up about my myself, I was like..oh...hello me in the mirror... what the hell am I wearing? what's with my hair?.....OMG I COMBED OUT MY DREADS WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING! I suddenly really miss them, and I think at the very least I'm going to make a set of extensions that I can take out for the Uni Interview hopefully after xmas!
I also bought my first wedding thing...these lovely blue shoes, for £15 in the sale in Brantano!! I'm gonna decorate them up a bit with peacock feathers but they are a pretty awesome colour :D


  1. Good to hear you are feeling ok, and the shoes are a lovely colour,will look gorgeous with peacock feathers.
    Wishing you a lovely Christmas.x

  2. Love the shoes!!!! And glad you're feeling festive. It's a good thing and you deserve it. Peace this season.