Friday, 4 December 2009

Enough Whinging Already

That's it! Enough with the doom and gloom!! (well ok it's probably not lol!)

I managed to convince OH that we can get married next year!! It will be a very cheap and cheerful affair with no honeymoon but I never was one for big expensive weddings anyway :D So wedding planning here we come YEY!! I've found a village hall, we can get married in for a very reasonable sum, and it's not as bad as it sounds as it's an old fashioned gothic style thing, perfect! It will of course be pretty off the wall and untraditional and great fun!

I'm thinking for a theme, peacock colours. which I'm rather obsessed with at the moment. So maybe a blue wedding dress, which would look pretty awesome with my red hair.

I spotted this dress designed, worn and made by Yaya Han, who models the stuff she's made on her website

I like the idea of having a bolero jacket but in blue and with one of my own corsets of course. I think this blue silk one is pretty much perfect :) I can make the a skirt and hopefully the bolero myself so this would work out pretty cost effective too

But for a twist I think I'll throw in a little steampunk, maybe something a little like this for my groom

My mum can make the cake and probably do the flowers too. My mum is a singer so we have a PA system and OH can DJ using my laptop with my father in law as compare'. We can have a hog roast and get mum in law to help out with some buffet food and desserts. So all in all I'm pretty sure we can sort it out in time for next year, maybe August or September. I'm so excited *claps hands*

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  1. Sounds lovely! And like you'll have as much fun planning all the details as you will on the day. xo