Friday, 4 December 2009

Piercing Babies

I'm sitting here in work (I run a corset shop) and there is this poor baby who must be maybe less than two months old who has been screaming, and I mean hysterically, where she is choking and spluttering, for at least half an hour now probably longer, whilst it's chav mother browses the shops next door. She has one of those buggies where if you shut the car seat hood and pushchair hood it closes it totally off. The poor kid, if this is what she is like in public, what the hell is she like behind closed doors. I'm so so sitting on my hands trying not to go over there and just smack her one and drop the poor kid off to social services. I've walked over to her and turned away and bitten my tongue at least twice now.

It just seems so damn unfair, why should she keep her baby when I know of so many mothers who would have treasured their child and have lost them. This is one of the reasons I'm glad I don't believe in any kind of god, because if I did I would have to accept just how utterly, utterly cruel he is.
Yesterday god damn chavs were piercing their kids ears again in the jewellery shop next door, this little girl only about 18 months old was screaming and fighting them holding her down, whilst they peirced her ears, TWICE, in each ear. Afterwards they just bundled her into her dirty buggy and yelled at her to stop screaming, no words of comfort or a cuddle afterwards. I know it's none of my business what people do to their kids, but I wish they would not do it within my earshot at the very least! I wish my shop was in some lovely quiet pretty town with flower hanging baskets outside and tea making facilities *sigh*

Anyway, I'm fed up with being in the shop with all this crap going on. I really really want a nice hot cup of tea and a big box of chocolates, a big snuggly dressing gown, furry booties and a afternoon watching Twilight movies! I think I'm going to try and get someone to work tommorow as well as Sunday for me so I can take a break from this place.

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