Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Putting My Foot Through The Ceiling

Yes, I've achieved a whole new level of stupidity. Whilst attempting to get the Christmas decs down from the attic I managed to step between the rafters and ended up stuck half way back back downstairs. Luckily my fat butt would not fit through the gap (I knew I had it for a reason!) so I escaped relatively unscathed, aside from a ginormous bruise on my arm. I can't quite work out how I managed to hurt my arm when my leg went through but hey, could have been worse. I was just glad none of the kids or OH were right underneath, even though they did get a bit of shock with me flying through the ceiling and all lol!! (I'll post some piccies later of the mess)
In good news, after we spent forever cleaning up piles of plaster and attic dust the Christmas tree is up and looks rather lovely :D