Sunday, 20 December 2009

Some Wedding Dress Ideas

I'm figuring that floor length dresses in the desert are probably out...can you imagine how grubby it would get! So I'm thinking maybe a cute 50s style dress, made with my blue silk corset with a fab swing skirt, mega pooft petticoat, a little bolero jacket and a big bow on there somewhere! I was quite inspired by the dress the lovely Jeanette made for her best friend, and wow I love her shoes, I want those but in blue!! (Hope you don't mind me pinching the piccy!)
The idea of going quite retro appeals to me, I'm thinking of making the invites look like a dodgy 50's B movie poster :D


  1. LOL, I don't mind you using the photo at all. The shoes are amazing, they are Irregular Choice, they do them in purple,but not blue I don't think.

  2. Love the styles you've shown!