Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Stoooooopid Doctors

I've just found out that none of the letters from the hospital to my GP have been sent, well I actually found out last week but I've checked up again today and nothing has gone through, despite me ringing the hospital doctors secretary and getting her to resend them. *sigh* This does explain why I still keep getting pregnancy related things coming through. Why the stoooopid GP even rang me to tell me off for eating the wrong things and getting food poisoning when I was pregnant, even though I'd explained to him the week before, double grrrr! Why are they so utterly unable to sort things out! I told them I'd changed GP's when I was in the hospital and I told the consultant when I saw her just to double check. They assured me that everything would be under control and that they would sort it all out so I wouldn't have to worry about it.... Idiots..
I've made an appointment as I really do want to get stuff checked out as I'm still getting weird symptoms, mild versions or what I had when I was pregnant. One of the letters was meant to be about sending me for a 24 hour ecg and some other referrals for recurrant loss clinics ect. Looks like I will have to go through the whole sorry saga again with a most likely totally unhelpful and uninterested GP *double sigh*. I HATE going to the GP I always get totally flustered and my Dr phobic tendencies really do not help. Should I maybe write a list so I dont forget? Jeez it'll be a mile long, I'll look like a right whinger :S

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  1. Urghh, you poor thing! Write that list and be firm with them,but do go...I hate going too,infact I'm putting off going to see my GP and she's lovely. I plan on speaking to my bereavement mw, she's pretty good at sorting out appointments and stuff when I ask.
    Good luck,