Sunday, 20 December 2009

Wedding Plans

We've gone crazy! We've decided to sod the idea of a "proper" wedding and get married at Area 51, yes THE Area 51, in the Nevada desert, in America, in 8 weeks time lol!
The whole wedding thing was getting to be a bit of a pain. Even doing it in the cheapest way possible in a village hall with a weekend in a dodgy hotel for a honeymoon was still going to cost a few thousand pounds once I added everything up. Ours was going to look a bit rubbish and cheap compared to other recent family weddings and the comparisons were going to annoy me. I could picture the "well, it's not like A's wedding is it" "when A got married bla bla bla" I spotted the Area 51 package on a website by chance and thought omg that's perfect! We're going to the International UFO Conference (which OH has been dreaming about going to for years) in Laughlin Nevada for a week, and we'll get married on the Monday out in the Desert. It's going to be totally crazy and fun!!! I can't believe we're gonna get to go on such an awesome holiday!!! I can't believe we're going to put so much money on our credit cards lol!

OMG What on earth do you wear for a desert wedding??? I need some ideas folks!!


  1. Good for you! Sounds fabby, no idea what you should wear though.

  2. I think it sounds lovely and fun! If we got married again we've both agreed we'd elope. Hmm. What to wear. I picture something airy and gauzy. Have you and Jeanette seen this:

    It's lovely! Such joy - just what it should be! xo

  3. hehhe I love that video! I wish the rest of my family were that much fun lol!