Thursday, 7 January 2010

Avatar and Weddings

Oh wow I love it! We went to see Avatar in 3d in the IMAX cinema in Brum for my "brother-in-law to be"'s birthday and it was sooooo good! Then we went to see it again in the normal cinema last night too, hehe! Getting cinema vouchers for Christmas is so cool :D Everyone has to see this film the effects are just amazing and the storyline is great.

I'm currently trying the Slim Fast diet as I really need to shift some poundage so I can actually fit it my wedding corset. I'll need to lose a stone and I still have 6 weeks odd to go so I think that's pretty reasonable. I'm also trying out some slimming tablets, which probably only have the effect of removing the pounds from my wallet but what the hell lol! I have Adios Max, which is some kind of fungus extract..yum! Some Libobind (on offer in Boots) which is a fibre which is supposed to sort of soak up fat, Chromium for sugar cravings and some Holland and Barret kelp and cinder vinegar tablets. This along with my fish oil, wellwoman and now asprin tablets, I now appear to be some sort of tablet junkie. I have no idea wether any of it is working as I've not got any scales, but I do have a pair of Levis jeans which are in the biggest size they do which is like a 14, once I can fit it those I'll know I've lost a bit. Currently I can get them on but am no where near actually buttoning them up. A while back they wouldn't go past my knees, so I'm feeling pretty good about this so far. My mum has just started the Cambridge diet, which is totally hardcore, shakes and soups only but you would certainly lose some serious weight on that. I'll see how she goes and if the lard is not coming off me quick enough I might just give that a go.


  1. My husband and oldest boys loved Avatar, too (I was home with the little ones and we watched Finding Nemo). Hope you get yourself into that corset but I'm sure you'll look lovely and radiant on your wedding day no matter what!

  2. Six weeks! Ooooh, not long then! Hope you can get into your corset,can't wait to see pics.
    BTW thank you for your comment on my last post, the comments from my babylost friends are the ones I was looking for, and the ones I most appreciated...and was terrified not to receive.x