Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Roller Derby and Running

I've been busy planning the wedding (OMG ONLY A FEW WEEKS TO GO!) so I've not had time for much blogging. I'm sticking to my diet plan pretty well and have lost nearly half a stone, woo hoo! Still having yukky slim fast shakes for lunch and eating sensibly the rest of the time, it's boring and horrible and I hate it, but at least I'm getting results so all is well. I've decided to try doing a little bit of jogging, and my first run was last night, my legs are like "OMFG WHAT HAVE YOU DONE" today and feel all sore and wobbly. I'm trying out the Couch To 5k programme which is basically alternating running and walking until after 9 weeks when you should be able to run 5k non stop.
I took my shop to a tattoo convention at the weekend and sold lots of stuff which was cool! They also had a roller derby tournament going on all day, which looked soooo cool! I'm not entirely sure what the rules are but it was basically punk rock chicks trying to ram each other off a track..whilst on rollerskates. The outfits were also super awesome! There just so happens to be a Birmingham team who are accepting new members. Now I can't skate, I'm overweight and totally unfit, but I figure it could be a lot of fun. I figure it might be a good chance to meet some new girly friends too, I've been organising my hen do and realised I'm a total Billy No Mates, ok not totaly but a shabby show lol! I need to get out there and meet some new people! :( So once I'm back from Vegas I'm going to go to an induction session and have a go.

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