Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Back To Square One

Today I had an appointment with a midwife councillor I was kinda thinking this would be some kind of counselling type thing. Unfortunately it was at the maternity unit, which was just really nice of them. Sitting in the waiting room with all the pregnant mums was really just what I needed... gee thanks, got to love the ever compassionate NHS. I ended up sobbing so much that people were asking if I was ok and stuff and I was sorta choking, like you do when you are really crying and assuring everyone that I was fine. The councillor was nice and was not what I expected, she asked me about what had happened and we went through my blood tests. She showed me the actual blood test results and I could see that the Anti Thrombin was raised, now my google research had told me that Anti Thrombin III deficiency causes sticky blood, and my results were the opposite of that, so I was like um, WTF. So she got out the letter from the consultant and there it was saying that I the blood tests showed I had "Sticky Blood", but I was adamant so she went and asked one of the senior doctors and it looks like I am right. I'm going to contact the consultant again just to clarify what the hell is going on, but this seems like a pretty stupid mistake if it is one. So I'm back to square one with no answers as to why what happened happened.
On the way home I thought I was going to get mugged by a junkie, I was just walking along going back to the car, taking to OH on the phone telling about what had just happened when this creepy guy starts walking alongside me, he starts asking me for cigarettes and stuff and I took one look at him and sorta jogged up the hill away from him. He runs past me and turns back with this crazy look, and is all like "I wasn't gonna rob ya love, you think cos I've got a hoodie that I'm gonna rob ya, eh? EH? in the tone of voice that said he clearly was thinking about doing exactly that. Then he walks ahead of me and is looking back all the time checking where I am. He crossed the road and joins the queue for the bus which is just pulling up. I will have to walk past the bus stop to get to the car park so I hang back a little to wait till he's gone. Everyone gets onto the bus and I go to cross, then I notice he's behind the bus stop, waiting for me to cross. I was really scared by this point and am mentally preparing myself for this guy to jump me, I put my keys between my fingers to hit him with. He sees that I've seen him and sorta starts walking up the road really slowly. My car is right behind him and I decide to make a mad dash for it, run straight past him and jump in my car and drive off, then there is a load of traffic and I can't pull out and the guy is right behind my car, I could see him in the mirror and it was like that bit outta terminator two. I was contemplating reversing but figured I'd probably get arrested so finally manage to make my escape. Man...scary stuff!!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Scales That Don't Budge and Shiny Shoes

Grr and double GRRRR! I made my weekly journey to Boots to weigh in and I've not lost so much as a ounce this week :( I thought I'd done really well this week too, apart from going to a friends Birthday party at a chinese buffet place which was a bad idea for someone supposedly on a diet. I did have two rounds at the buffet and two puddings! Two puddings...oh dear. Maybe that was it :S I went running 3 times too *grumble grumble* My friend in Wales has just lost 11lbs in 3 weeks on Slimming World, it's taken me 4 weeks to lose 8lb, bah!
Anyway, this week I'm going to do better! At the moment for breakfast I'm having porridge, one of those nice sachet ones so it's portion controlled. Lunch is no more than 200 calories which is going well as they have quite a big selection in good ol' M&S, this is awesome as the slim fast was getting sickly. Dinner is standard home cooked stuff, but low fat, stir fry, spag bol, lean meat bla bla bla. I also have a couple of cups of coffee/tea with sweetner in. I think the only thing I can cut down is the dinner, so I think until the wedding I'm going to eat a diet ready meal in the evening instead which is yuk but hopefully I'll be able to loose a few more pounds so I can squeeze into my corset. Well I can actually get into it now (thank goodness) but it's definitely very tight!

Anyway progress so far :- 1/1/10 - 12st 7
1/2/10 - 11st 13

I've started with trying to organise my holiday packing. I'm usually not very good at this and forget loads of stuff, but if I happen to forget something for the wedding it will equal total disaster so I must be organised! I have made a list which is a start :) I have this wonderful vision of me tottering about Las Vegas, looking all glam without a care in the world. To this end I bought me a pair of shiny shoes from Ebay yesterday for the princely sum of £8.99, and they arrived this morning which is the quickest anything has ever arrived! I have also purloined a rather fab shiny handbag from my shop that matches. Woo hoo! Vegas here we come :D