Saturday, 27 March 2010

Less Hate More Skate

OMG my new skates have arrived :D I'm so excited to try these out it's untrue... I had a quick skate around the shop earlier and these wheels are FAST! I'm probably going to break a leg but YEY! I managed to get these in the junior size (so no VAT) and got a 10% team discount..awesome! I'm hopefully going to rollerderby practice tomorrow and Monday night so I should have a good chance of breaking these bad boys in soon.

For you rollerderby fans out there, Drew Barrymore is just releasing a new film called Whip It -which is about rollerderby. It's an awesome film, (yes I've seen it even tho it's not in the cinema yet, gotta love the internet :)even if you have no clue about derby check it out it's a good watch! out

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