Friday, 19 March 2010

New Beginnings

I'm feeling the need to clear out. It's spring, nearly Easter with it's symbolism of new life and all that. It the last week I've been getting all upset as I've made a definite decision not to try for any more babies any time soon. Which is sort of silly as it's what I decided and I'm not really sad about it. I think back to how ill I was all of last year and I just cant bring myself about the possibility of being like that again for so long again. I'm also enjoying my older two being so indepedent and having that little bit of extra freedom again(..especially the rollerderby hehe.)
So I need to clear out. I have this urge to just give away all the baby things, really quick so it's like pulling off a plaster, but my empty bank account is telling me to sell things and treat myself to the shiny new rollerderby skates that are so expensive (seriously derby skates are like £100 plus...I mean wtf..just for rollerskates.. hmph) So this means I need to get the pram down from the attic and flog it! It's a really nice Quinny one with all the accessories which I got from Ebay for £150, pretty much like new. All my cotton nappies and accessories were whisked away after so I have no idea where they are, but I spent about £150 on that lot so there should be a few pennies there too. But every time I think about doing it I get all sorry for myself and upset. But I really want the skates, and having baby stuff in the house is frankly depressing.

I would sort things out this weekend but I'm off to Hay On Wye to sing the Hallelujah Chorus tomorrow and I've not got anyone to work in the shop and you know what...I don't care! Ha! Stress be dammed! :D

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