Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The Unlucky Lottery

I have never been a lucky person, even at the best of times. I never win raffle prizes, and have never won so much as a tenner on the lottery. If there is something that can go wrong, even if it is highly unusual and not to be expected I can pretty much guarantee that it will be me it happens to. (babies randomly kicking the bucket at 23 weeks, highly unlikely so I'm told) But even for me I am going through an incredibly unlucky patch since coming back from holiday, man it really sucks.

Firstly our cases were lost at the airport and took 4 days to discover where they were. When we reported them missing they had managed to balls up and not put down the case numbers so they weren't being tracked until I rang up all cross after 3 days. Wow they said, that's very unusual we're very sorry.

Then I thought I'd get on the case as I'd not heard anything about an interview from the University I applied to before Christmas. I ring on the Monday and get told to ring someone else who would be in the next day. Tuesday I ring and get told I actually need to speak to someone who is in the following day. Wednesday morning I ring and leave a message on the answer phone. 2pm she calls me and tells me that my interview was that morning....I was like WTF ARGHHHHHH I've been ringing like all week and I've not received any notification of this interview, no email, no letter nothing! Turns out the don't send letters, they don't notify UCAS they just send an email...and they sent mine to the wrong email hardly ever happens. I now have to wait another month before they can fit me in for an interview, by which time no doubt all the places will be gone *grumble, grumble*

So by this point I'm just looking out for the meteor which is about to hit me any second now. I get an email saying that my roller derby team has to move the practices to a different place and time. Unluckily it's at the one evening of the week that I wont be able to make.....juuuust wonderful.

The dishwasher breaks, spilling water all over the kitchen floor - fine we can wash dishes by hand.

The washing machine breaks too (JUST OMG) and the floor is flooded for a second time.

I open the shoe cupboard and the door falls off

I open the cupboard under the sink and the door falls off

I try to open a kitchen drawer and the handle falls off

I go on strike and refuse to open any more doors in the house

I plug my hair drier in and it shorts out half of the house

....I decide it's probably best if I just lie down in a darkened room and not touch anything

I get to the train station after work and realise my pass is out of date (ok this one is totally my fault) and that I don't have any money to get home, then of course my phone is out of battery charge so I can't call anyone, nice.

I wonder why it is so quiet on the website sales front since I've been on holiday and decide to login to my hosting account just to check it out. I can't login..odd. I ring them, ah they say, you rang up and cancelled that account. UMMMMM OR NOT!!! So I argue that I simply rang to take off a database which they were still charging me for that I had cancelled 6 months before..which apparently never happpens. So my email account is deleted and there is nothing I can do to retrive any of it, the sales, the recipts, the website logins yadda yadda.

Then I realise I have just paid a princely sum for a new website cart, and the login details have gone deleted email address. They have no contact details on the site and I cant login to the site as the login details were all in the handy welcome email...oh lovely.

I look back on the shop sales and realise that it is rapidly becoming an expensive hobby rather than a real business. This sucks as I wont be able to even sell it on to anyone. Gonna have to close in May which means I will have to *shock horror* get some kind of proper job between May and September.

This is why I am the Frustrated Fairy, my whole life is pretty much one big long list of unlucky things. Luckily I do see the funny side because it is honestly insane :D My best friend who is pretty unlucky too said we should write a sitcom called Big Fat Fail and just write about our lives. I said no one would ever believe that this much bad luck could ever happen to one person lol! Maybe, just maybe the universe will give me a Big Fat Break one of these days and I'll have some really good luck to balance all the shitty stuff out.

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  1. Breathe, and know I am thinking of you. And yes, your luck will turn around soon!
    Love and Hugs