Monday, 8 March 2010

The Wedding Trip

Inside the Luxor

One of the bits of the Luxor
Crazy fountain show inside the forum shopping centre
New York New York
The long road to Area 51
It snows in the desert!

The "black" mailbox
Little A'le'inn

Area 51 main gates
Desert beach bunnies! These were alongside the Colerado river outside the back of the hotel on the beach, too cute!

Wow, I've had a crazy amazing weird and wonderful week in America! We spent the first day of the holiday in Las Vegas, staying in the pyramid shaped Luxor for the night. It was just WOW! Our room was just stunning, we'd been a bit concerned by the shitty reviews online but it was way way better than we expected. We got our wedding licence in the morning and as the taxis were so expensive we decided that it would be a good idea to walk back to the strip. Alas downtown Las Vegas is a bit on the rough and ready side and I got so paranoid about getting robbed that I managed to trip over my own feet and ended up in a heap on the floor snapping the lense off the front of my SLR camera that was in my bag, FAIL! After dusting myself off we walked to the Stratosphere and I watched OH brave the ride that hangs off the side of the very top. I'm actually gutted I didn't go on it now, but it was really really scary! We made our way to the forum shopping centre and had a meal at the Cheesecake Factory, which I thought would be, well, a cheesecake factory, but it was a restaurant. We thought we'd grab a snack so we ordered a sandwich. This turned out ot be the most ginormous bap I have ever seen, filled with masses of pork and BBQ sauce, with enough fries on the side to feed a family of 5 and coleslaw heaped up in a pudding bowl, no wonder it's hard to be slim in America! We then discovered that they did indeed have cheesecake so we ordered a slice each, OH went for a peanut butter and caramel one and I was being boring and went for plain, again they were huuuuuge slices and I only managed to eat about half but it was soooo yummeh!!
In the evening we went to see Chris Angel's show Believe which was a real treat, we're big fans of his Mindfreak show so it was great to see him live. The show was put on with Cirque Du Soleil so it had awesome dancing too, I totally loved it!

That evening we travelled to where we were spending the rest of the week about an hour and a half from Las Vegas is the tiny desert town of Laughlin, where the International UFO Congress was being held in the Aquarius hotel there. We got married on the Monday, travelling from Laughlin, with a few people we knew from the congress, picking up my mum and stepdad on route through Las Vegas and heading out to Area 51. The only problem was that I'd not really properly checked what the weather would be like in the desert, I figured that desert=hot, which alas for me was way off the mark as it was snowing!! We visited both of the Area 51 gates and the legendary Little Ale'inn which was great fun, we picked up a few more random wedding guests there, including two Australian tourists and a guy who called himself Agent 51 :D
We chased the sun back to the "black mailbox" (which is actually white) and just got there intime for sunset. The wedding was beautiful, although I was freeeeeezing cold, OH read me a poem he had written and it was just great fun. I'm so glad we did it this way instead of the boring old route!
The rest of the week was pretty cool too, we met some really amazing people and some totally weird people two heheh! The only bad thing was getting home, our flights got delayed and then our cases got lost grrr! Luckily we got them back just in time for the wedding reception :D


  1. And where are the wedding pics? I want to see your outfit!

  2. (followed a link from Jeanette's blog to get here) It sounds like you had a wonderful time in Vegas! (I had my honeymoon there and loved it!)

    I can't wait to see the wedding pics as well!