Wednesday, 28 April 2010

I'm Gonna Be A Nurse

After weeks of checking UCAS every day I finally had an email saying I needed to check it online as there was news for me. I click on the link and go to log in and of course the internet at work chose THAT MOMENT to break I had to wait a whole hour for it to come back online lol! Luckily after the wait it was good news and I have a place WOO HOO!!

It's actually quite ironic really that someone like me, who even started a blog to moan about the crappy treatment I've had on the NHS, who also has a phobia about hospitals is going to be a nurse! If you can't beat em..join em I suppose. I know all about how horrific hospital can be and how much of an difference one person can make, I really hope that I can get over all my fears and anxieties and become a really great nurse. But wow....for the next 3 years I'm going to be a flippin student hehe! There is going to be one crazy learning curve! I'm trying to figure out somewhere to put a dedicated desk where I can keep all my uni stuff. We have a load of bookcases in the living room and I'm thinking if I put one of the bookcases in the loft there would be room for a little desk and some shelves. I can actually use the loft as I gave in and got a bloke in to fit the loft hatch which has been sitting on the living room floor for the last 6 months! Now we have a loft hatch with pull down ladder, I've now got to work on laying some floorboards hopefully without falling through the ceiling ..again hehe.


  1. Yay! I know you are going to be a bloody great nurse! Will that lead onto midwifery? Is that still the plan?
    I'm so excited for you.
    (Does this mean your business will close? LMK if you have a farewell sale. *big grin* )

  2. One nurse REALLY can make all the difference in the world. I will never, ever forget some of the guys and gals who looked after me and my girls.

    Echoing Jeanette. You are going to be bloody fantastic.