Monday, 5 April 2010

People Saying The Wrong Thing

So it's Easter and we had to go over to the mother in laws for lunch, we had neither of the kids with us as one was over a friends house and the other with her Dad in Wales. No problem I though, this should be a nice lunch bla bla bla. DH has managed to put his back out again and was bemoaning our bad luck. It's typical as he's been told there is no more work as of a month from now and there is a hopeful permanent job on the horizon but if his disk goes again it's not going to look good going for a job interview in that sort of state. He never ever talks about Bella and I was shocked when he brought it up and said how unlucky we were. His mother decided instead of offering a little sympathy to tell us that there were worse things that could happen and went on to tells us how terrible it was when Dave left his last wife and turned up on their doorstep and the car broke down and her mother got kicked out of the care home when she was on holiday. I nearly choked on my dinner trying not say anything. I bit my tongue trying not to burst into tears and make a huge fuss.....worse things could happen? Our kid died...she fucking died..I honestly can't think of much worse than that. She does not seem to grasp this as a concept that we might be upset about and how much it has affected us. Like the time she said that it was ok for me to cry as it was "like a bereavement" LIKE? FFS! I honest to god could quite happily strangle her right now. People can be so damn insensitive. I'm still feeling all upset and sick almost with anger. How can she think what we went through was just nothing?

I'm going to prescribe myself hours of failblog and lolcats to get over this one *sigh*


  1. I hate it when people talk about the bad things that happen to others becuase quite frankly I would trade spots with 99% of them! So sorry you had to spend your day listening to that. xx

  2. Oh honey I'm so sorry you had to listen to that bullshit. x