Wednesday, 14 April 2010

University Nursing Interview

My interview at the university was yesterday and I'm really not sure how it went. I spent a few hours there as I wanted to get there really early. Last time I went to the open day it was about a month after we lost Bella and I HATED it, I didn't like the building, the people, the surroundings and I just couldn't picture myself there at all. This time it was lovely, the cafe had nice food at cheap prices. The library was airy and light with great facilities and loads of books that I would love to get stuck into! People were friendly and I got chatting with a few other applicants that were early birds too. We sat through a short presentation about the university and what to expect, right down to when the hospital placements would be, the first one is 6 weeks in eek! Then we went into little rooms for individual interviews with one nurse and one lecturer. There were 12 set questions they asked everyone. I didn't get a feel for how it was going at all, the interviewers were very blank and indifferent and I couldn't tell if I was saying things they liked or not. There was no chance to talk about things and explain all the preparation I've been doing. I was quite disappointed about this as I've been researching current nursing topics and reading nursing journals so I would have something to talk about. So now I have a big wait of a few weeks before I find out what I will be doing for the next three years, gawd it's nervewracking! :S


  1. Good luck. I'm sure that all the research and reading you've done came across somehow even if you felt you didn't get a chance to use it directly. Sometimes being generally well-informed kind of comes across anyway? x