Saturday, 29 May 2010

Jagged Little Pills

It seems like some luck has come my way at last :D I started feeling pretty bad as of last weekend and I've spent pretty much all of my days in bed feeling like death warmed up, I'd pretty much resigned myself that this was just a matter of time. This feeling of nasty head cold crossed with about 20 cups of coffee is scarily familiar although I never had it this early before. I had my appointment with the marvelous professor who pondered and said "well we know what happens when we do nothing, so lets try something!" So I'm having a bash at taking some Prednisolone steroids to see if it will calm my immune system down and possibly sort things out. A little bit of research this evening has told me that this I just happen to have to only Dr in the whole country that will prescribe these....omg how lucky am I!!!! This is of course only a possibility as we have no idea why I feel ill or if it will work. I took them this morning and it could be a bit of a placebo effect but I feel better! Not so shaky, still a bit headachy but much less "fuzzy headed" than yesterday. The only trouble will be the side effects which are laughably crazy, the lovely effects include, feeling suicidal, mood changes, seeing/hearing things that are not there as well as about a zillion nasty medical side effects. OH is laughing at me saying I'm going to get "roid rage" and go all Hulk. Watch out RAGHH lol!

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  1. I do like the sound of this professor of yours! I am so glad that he's prescribed the steroids and I hope, hope, hope they work. Glad you feel better now and hope the side effects stay away.
    J had steroids when she was in hospital and prem babies do get 'roid rage', bright red and angry and super touchy. Poor little love. Hope the same doesn't happen to you!