Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Sleepless Nights

I've had a really lovely weekend, getting stuff done around the house and just generally not going anywhere which was a really nice break. All was going so well, then last night I could not sleep, and I just lay there thinking about stuff, which of course led to thinking about bad stuff. How old Isabella would have been, what she would be doing now, all that jazz. The usually babylost momma stuff. Which led to hours of sobbing and curling up in a ball generally feeling sorry for myself. Woe is me blegh, blegh, blegh :(
I was nearly falling alseep in work today I'm hoping I'm not going to have another sleepless night. I think I triggered it so bad by writing a letter to the hospital, after reading that complaints have to be submitted before 6 months has elapsed..times up but still. I wrote it but wether I get around to actually sending it will be another thing altogether. meh!

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