Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Boooooored With Being Ill :(

Well the first few days of the pills went really well. I felt totally normal pregnant, bit tired and sicky and was delighted. Yesterday I did a spot of painting and was feeling really good, then suddenly the world started swimming again and I has to spend the next few hours in bed. Today I feel as rubbish as ever, and my pregnancy symptoms seem to be lessening. I'm so damn bored of being ill already, the house is a mess, the shop sale is not wrapped up yet and I have so much stuff to flippin do and all I can do is lie on the sofa feeling sorry for myself with the world swirling round like I've been on a drinking binge..lovely. I can't even concentrated very long on the laptop either which would normally keep me busy for hours GAH!

I've rediscovered the wonderful folkster Seth Lakeman though who is cheering me through all this. I'm listening on Spotify so I don't even have to dig out my cd's :D

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