Sunday, 27 June 2010

I Am Not So Smart

I stumbled across this amazing blog, that pretty much has just changed my whole view of ...well everything. and now....and well, I don't feel so smart anymore lol!

The latest post is about conformation bias - this is explains a whole lot of stuff for me, it the reason why after your baby dies it seems that EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WHOLE WORLD has a healthy baby, why suddenly newborns seem to pop up alarmingly almost deliberately to piss you off. (I've heard this phenomenon described as the "newborn hit squad" once which is bang on) Why suddenly you see references in so many films, songs and in the media about dead babies. Why everyone suddenly seems to be pregnant or has just had a baby, why wherever you go it feels like the whole world is just plain out to rub your face in it. I suppose it's also one of the many reasons why losing a baby is so hard to "get over"'s like your mind has a view of how the world works from your own point of view. You get pregnant, you get given all the happy little booklets, you go to all the stores, you read all the websites, all telling you that you are most very likely to have a healthy baby. You have scans, all telling you you have a healthy baby. You feel all the kicks, of course you have a healthy happy baby. You read all the home birth stories and Ina May. News stories about the wonders of medical science and of course you are safe in a hospital that will take good care of you. Then all of sudden blam..... Of course all along there were mentions that things might not go to plan, you've heard of SANDS before, there always were the stories about things going wrong...but my conformation biased brain just filtered all that out, all I could see was blue skies up ahead. This time of course it's the other way around, all I see is dead baby stuff .....and I won't be in the slightest bit surprised in this baby dies. Funny how things work out. Of course all this wonderful knowledge is not in the least bit helpful but I suppose I feel better knowing just why things are the way they are in my head.

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