Friday, 18 June 2010

One Day

I feel utterly exhausted and a bit other words 100% normal pregnancy symptoms UTTER BLISS!! I am so so so so so happy today, my headache which has gone on for the last 4 weeks straight is GONE! As has the spinning, shaking and feeling generally is wonderfully delicious to be alive today and I am appreciating every joyful moment of it :DD

So how did this amazing thing happen? Well, I wrote down a diary of how I have been feeling and I noticed that I was feeling a bit better a little while after I ate food. I also figured that how I was feeling was closest to having a really nasty hangover so I looked up what caused that feeling and went from there. So me and Dr Google got serious and I tried to find something that would explain why I would be feeling the same thing. Only thing I came up with was Hypoglycemia, low blood sugar, symptoms of which are exactly what I have been feeling like and I found reference to it being caused specifically by pregnancy as opposed to being caused Diabetes. I was are effing kidding me right? Something so basic.. surely they like..checked for this? Most of the bzillion blood tests I had were after I was pregnant ...when I felt fine. I marched down to the GP on Monday and got me a blood test just to check but I've not got the results back as yet. As an experiment though I found out all the info I could online about keeping blood sugar stable and I have cut out all sugar and white flour stuff totally and I'm eating mini meals every 3 hours. I felt better on the first day and have felt better every day since. Maybe it's just a coincidence....I'm not sure..but I also don't care...I feel better :D I went to the Chiropractors this morning as well for my monthly session and voila the headache from hell was gone too, I'm gonna go next week as well as I felt so much better after. bliss bliss bliss :D


  1. Yay!

    Frustrated Fairy - 3
    World - 0


  2. I'm so glad to read this. You are a super hero, you know that don't you? x

  3. So, so, so glad your headache is gone and you're feeling happily preggers. xo