Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Zombie Frustrated Fairy Vs The World...LETS PLAY!!

So I went to the consultant again today, had a scan, everything looks perfect! After all the cramping and spotting I've had in the last few days I'd convinced myself it was all going to be over anyways. Alas I still feel like total and utter shite, I resemble very closely something out of the film the living's that exact same walk that I'm doing around the place, which is frankly more than a bit embarrassing.
I had a bit of a freak out then and confessed that I'd been wondering if going ahead with this was the best thing for my health bla bla. My consultant was wonderful and gave me some short shrift straight talking which was exactly what I needed! She pretty much said I need to suck it up, get on with it, but make this the very last attempt and that whatever happens I need to get sterilised after this last try. I don't know why but I felt so much better after that, I'm like ok world this is it.... this is the stand off.... this is where I draw my line in the sand and fight and if I get shot down that is the way it is......BRING IT ON BITCH!!!!


  1. Go Zombie Frustrated Fairy!
    World, you are going down my friend.