Sunday, 25 July 2010

14 Weeks

After the fuss at the hospital we decided to bite the bullet and pay for a private NT scan, luckily we have a local private maternity clinic. It was £170 but worth every penny, the scan took about 20 mins and we got a DVD of the whole thing. It was mostly to check for downs syndrome but they checked lots of other things too and luckily everything looked good, our risk for downs was the lowest they could give us. Nice to have some good news for a change! It's so different going to a private clinic, it was all fresh lilies and lovely staff, it was actually quite relaxing. Although we did have a good laugh at our old banger of a car with all the alien bumper stickers on, in the car park with all the posh cars. We watched another couple stop and actually read all our our stickers then shake their heads in horror lol!

My youngest has gone to stay with her dad and her grandparents for the summer, she's off to Butlins for a week then to Spain for a week and is going to be thoroughly spoiled. It's only been a day and miss her loads already *sob* I know I'm supposed to enjoy the peace and quiet but it's just too quiet without her. She brought home some of her work from the last year in a huge folder and I was having a browse through it all. Once of her first pieces of work in RE from the start of last year read. "The bible is all about God and Cheesus"....I totally cracked up for about half an hour, Cheesus, brilliant lol!!

Cheesus exists!

Friday, 16 July 2010

12 Weeks

*sigh* I hate being pregnant.....

and I especially hate hospital appointments. I was sent a letter saying I had an appointment with a consultant, which of course was no such thing. The letter said 11am...which of course actually means 1.30 in the magic world of hospital time *grumble* which of course means I've not then brought enough money for the car park 4 flippin quid *double grumble* (maybe it's a scam to get more parking money out of everyone) Of course they also managed to book all my appointments at the wrong hospital under the wrong consultant...even though it says in big letters on the front of my notes who my consultant is and they can't change them now WHY?!?! FFS! Also of course I couldn't 12 week scan because I've already had a scan. I wasn't sure wether this was a good thing or not, on the one hand I've no idea how teeny fetus is doing but on the other hand I didn't have to go back in Bella's "scan room of death". Either way I had a proper cry in the waiting room until they sent me into the "naughty corner" spare room as I was causing a scene. I hate waiting rooms packed with pregnant women at the best of times and of course lots of babies the age Bella would have been...meh! I've got a horrible headache from all the crying now as well and a bag full of snot covered I hate hate hate hospitals. I really hope I don't hate working in one as much as I despise being a patient :P

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Busy Busy

I was shopping today in Sainsburys and a lady walked passed with the most adorable newborn in her trolley. I looked over and smiled and walked on but suddenly it really hit me how much I really really do want this baby. I've not let myself think about it up until now, I have tried to be as cold and indifferent as much as is humanly possible. I walked around trying not to burst into tears until a shop assistant stopped and asked if I was ok.....and I snapped out of it....he then tried to chat me up which did cheer me up lol!
I've been really busy lately and have finally started work on my Totoro costume for Amecon. It's coming together although I've needed to buy another 4 metres of fake fur as he is turning out to be huuuuugeeee. I can fit through a door with the costume on so it is going to be a fun getting around on the day. I've also started making some plans for my ballgown. It's a bit of nightmare as I have no budget at all for the dress and I will be 18 weeks pregnant by that time so I need to make something that is going to flatter yet still be awesomely cool in a Tim Burton/Emillie Autumn kind of way. So far I have a sort of high waisted dolly type dress in mind with a huge petticoat in black and white stripe fabric, red and gold....squeeeee it's exciting!
Talking of exciting... I've been fretting about Jeanette all day too, today is hopefully the day for her as she's due to be induced today. I just really truly madly deeply hope everything goes smoothly and gently for her and that the little one is happy and healthy. Fingers double mega super crossed xxxxxxxx

Thursday, 1 July 2010

A Lovely Day :D

Yesterday was wonderful. I felt pretty good and some money came my way that I was not expecting. I'd been meaning to go visit Capeling and Co. (run by the lovely people from After Iris) which is a little deli in Kings Heath for ages and it was on my way back from where I had to go in the morning. It was FAB! They had the most lovely lovely food and the guy in the shop was just wonderful and told me all about the cheese and where it came from and advice on what was best for a preggers lady, this was much appreciated as although I would love to be a "foodie" I have no clue about cheese..we always just get medium cheddar every week...booring! I ended up buying biscuits, olive oil, garlic stuffed olives , vanilla pods, delicious cheese and THE most delicious balsamic vinegar pickled onions I have ever tasted...YUMMEHH!! I think I have discovered what will be my pregnancy craving lol! Happy Happy Happy :D
Then I spotted a shop a few doors down with beautiful home stuff and flowers, and I picked up a lovely bottle of bath stuff and a lovely vintage jar for my dressing table (which ok I don't have yet but I can dream lol!). Again lovely chatty shop assistant who advised about the bath stuff, I had to swap the one I chose as it has essential oils that were not good for pregnancy. I got in the car to go but then spotted a lovely cafe, The Kitchen Garden Cafe so I had to re park the car and go see. They had a lovely shop with recycled gifts and plants as well as the cafe. Had a yummy deli platter lunch and picked OH a bottle of hemp beer from the gift shop. Back to the car, drove another road away and spotted another fab shop, so again re parked the car and went to have a look. I bought a cream and black polka dot stretchy jersey dress, which was hand made in the store for just £48. It's a really flattering cut and I think the stretchy fabric will allow for alot more tummy and again a lovely shop assistant who told me all about the clothes and was really helpful. Then I found a little organic foods shop and picked up a bottle of Dr Bronners Soap with rose essential oils...I love this stuff but it's like gold dust to find! Again another lovely shop assistant ...just wow! It was so cool visiting independent shops with people who know their stuff about what they are selling, it's a shame that little shops like this are not more common. I usually despise shopping so it was nice to find such great places, I'm going to shop in Kings Heath more often, it was a proper lovely day :D