Friday, 16 July 2010

12 Weeks

*sigh* I hate being pregnant.....

and I especially hate hospital appointments. I was sent a letter saying I had an appointment with a consultant, which of course was no such thing. The letter said 11am...which of course actually means 1.30 in the magic world of hospital time *grumble* which of course means I've not then brought enough money for the car park 4 flippin quid *double grumble* (maybe it's a scam to get more parking money out of everyone) Of course they also managed to book all my appointments at the wrong hospital under the wrong consultant...even though it says in big letters on the front of my notes who my consultant is and they can't change them now WHY?!?! FFS! Also of course I couldn't 12 week scan because I've already had a scan. I wasn't sure wether this was a good thing or not, on the one hand I've no idea how teeny fetus is doing but on the other hand I didn't have to go back in Bella's "scan room of death". Either way I had a proper cry in the waiting room until they sent me into the "naughty corner" spare room as I was causing a scene. I hate waiting rooms packed with pregnant women at the best of times and of course lots of babies the age Bella would have been...meh! I've got a horrible headache from all the crying now as well and a bag full of snot covered I hate hate hate hospitals. I really hope I don't hate working in one as much as I despise being a patient :P

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  1. Aww honey, those appts are killers. I'm here thinking of you. x