Sunday, 25 July 2010

14 Weeks

After the fuss at the hospital we decided to bite the bullet and pay for a private NT scan, luckily we have a local private maternity clinic. It was £170 but worth every penny, the scan took about 20 mins and we got a DVD of the whole thing. It was mostly to check for downs syndrome but they checked lots of other things too and luckily everything looked good, our risk for downs was the lowest they could give us. Nice to have some good news for a change! It's so different going to a private clinic, it was all fresh lilies and lovely staff, it was actually quite relaxing. Although we did have a good laugh at our old banger of a car with all the alien bumper stickers on, in the car park with all the posh cars. We watched another couple stop and actually read all our our stickers then shake their heads in horror lol!

My youngest has gone to stay with her dad and her grandparents for the summer, she's off to Butlins for a week then to Spain for a week and is going to be thoroughly spoiled. It's only been a day and miss her loads already *sob* I know I'm supposed to enjoy the peace and quiet but it's just too quiet without her. She brought home some of her work from the last year in a huge folder and I was having a browse through it all. Once of her first pieces of work in RE from the start of last year read. "The bible is all about God and Cheesus"....I totally cracked up for about half an hour, Cheesus, brilliant lol!!

Cheesus exists!

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