Thursday, 15 July 2010

Busy Busy

I was shopping today in Sainsburys and a lady walked passed with the most adorable newborn in her trolley. I looked over and smiled and walked on but suddenly it really hit me how much I really really do want this baby. I've not let myself think about it up until now, I have tried to be as cold and indifferent as much as is humanly possible. I walked around trying not to burst into tears until a shop assistant stopped and asked if I was ok.....and I snapped out of it....he then tried to chat me up which did cheer me up lol!
I've been really busy lately and have finally started work on my Totoro costume for Amecon. It's coming together although I've needed to buy another 4 metres of fake fur as he is turning out to be huuuuugeeee. I can fit through a door with the costume on so it is going to be a fun getting around on the day. I've also started making some plans for my ballgown. It's a bit of nightmare as I have no budget at all for the dress and I will be 18 weeks pregnant by that time so I need to make something that is going to flatter yet still be awesomely cool in a Tim Burton/Emillie Autumn kind of way. So far I have a sort of high waisted dolly type dress in mind with a huge petticoat in black and white stripe fabric, red and gold....squeeeee it's exciting!
Talking of exciting... I've been fretting about Jeanette all day too, today is hopefully the day for her as she's due to be induced today. I just really truly madly deeply hope everything goes smoothly and gently for her and that the little one is happy and healthy. Fingers double mega super crossed xxxxxxxx

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  1. Can't wait to see your costumes. Post pics okay?
    I don't personally cosplay, but as a costumer I have been drafted by teenage daughter and her friends to create Vocaloids costumes (my Dd is going as Meiko, costume 85% done) a steampunk Chesire cat and... Oh I forget what else for Kumoricon here in September.