Thursday, 1 July 2010

A Lovely Day :D

Yesterday was wonderful. I felt pretty good and some money came my way that I was not expecting. I'd been meaning to go visit Capeling and Co. (run by the lovely people from After Iris) which is a little deli in Kings Heath for ages and it was on my way back from where I had to go in the morning. It was FAB! They had the most lovely lovely food and the guy in the shop was just wonderful and told me all about the cheese and where it came from and advice on what was best for a preggers lady, this was much appreciated as although I would love to be a "foodie" I have no clue about cheese..we always just get medium cheddar every week...booring! I ended up buying biscuits, olive oil, garlic stuffed olives , vanilla pods, delicious cheese and THE most delicious balsamic vinegar pickled onions I have ever tasted...YUMMEHH!! I think I have discovered what will be my pregnancy craving lol! Happy Happy Happy :D
Then I spotted a shop a few doors down with beautiful home stuff and flowers, and I picked up a lovely bottle of bath stuff and a lovely vintage jar for my dressing table (which ok I don't have yet but I can dream lol!). Again lovely chatty shop assistant who advised about the bath stuff, I had to swap the one I chose as it has essential oils that were not good for pregnancy. I got in the car to go but then spotted a lovely cafe, The Kitchen Garden Cafe so I had to re park the car and go see. They had a lovely shop with recycled gifts and plants as well as the cafe. Had a yummy deli platter lunch and picked OH a bottle of hemp beer from the gift shop. Back to the car, drove another road away and spotted another fab shop, so again re parked the car and went to have a look. I bought a cream and black polka dot stretchy jersey dress, which was hand made in the store for just £48. It's a really flattering cut and I think the stretchy fabric will allow for alot more tummy and again a lovely shop assistant who told me all about the clothes and was really helpful. Then I found a little organic foods shop and picked up a bottle of Dr Bronners Soap with rose essential oils...I love this stuff but it's like gold dust to find! Again another lovely shop assistant ...just wow! It was so cool visiting independent shops with people who know their stuff about what they are selling, it's a shame that little shops like this are not more common. I usually despise shopping so it was nice to find such great places, I'm going to shop in Kings Heath more often, it was a proper lovely day :D


  1. Oh, how wonderful! I haven't been to Kings Heath in years. I was born very near there, and spent the first three years of my life there too. I *must* send my Mum to the cheese shop sometime, though maybe I wont subject Jess and her hubby to that treat!

  2. YAY! That was my husband you met! I'm so sorry I missed you though. I'm so glad you liked the shop. Kings Heath is really lovely at the moment. I own several dresses from People and the owners are fab.

    Also, I don't think I've congratulated you on your pregnancy yet. What wonderful news. I'll have everything crossed for you in these months leading up to January x