Monday, 16 August 2010


Amecon was awesome!! :D I was nearly hugged to death in my Toroto costume, I spent the whole of Saturday wearing it and it wasn't quite as bad as I imagined it would be except it took ten times as long to go anywhere as I kept get asked for photos..hehe :D I felt all famous and then felt gutted on the Sunday as no one knew it was me that was Totoro! On the Sunday I took part in the Omake which is basically a bunch of random stage performances. I decided to do a cool song from an anime called Excel Sage..which has nothing to do with Totoro at all, but I couldn't afford another costume and I was all "omg I look so fat" so I just wore my Totoro costume on stage. The cunning plan was to use my friends mobile phone with the lyrics on, as Japanese is a bitch to learn, even learning to sing it with the words in front of me took a whole week lol! Last year my cunning plan of having the lyrics on paper stuck inside my mask was foiled as once the stage lights were on it is totally pitch black inside the mask so that was an epic fail! This year I would not get caught out, oh no...the phone trick was going to work for sure. I was paranoid and kept checking it was working through the whole time we were waiting to go on stage, I must have unlocked that phone like 50 times. Of course THE second I am about to walk up on stage the phone locks in an extra special way the suddenly cannot be unlocked. I seriously do not know the lyrics well enough to sing it without them. So naturally I have a total freak out, I'm like HELLLLP who knows how to unlock a blackberry OMG OMG OMG OMG!! ARGHHH!!
Luckily they put the next person up on stage and by a miracle I find the stupid extra button, carefully hidden on top of the phone that unlocks it. I was a nervous wreck by then and shaking like a leaf, luckily I was happily covered up under the costume and didn't mess up the song half as bad as I though I would. But still, lesson learned....never. ever. go. on. stage. if you dont know the dammed lyrics!!! I nearly had a heart attack :S

I also partied hard at the disco on the Friday night, which is impressive as I am strictly in bed by 9pm at home lol! We had all our bags piled up in the middle of our dancing circle we had going on (they give you these cool free cotton bags at the con) My OH decides that he is the Conga King and jumps in. On the second pass around, with everyone is carefully avoiding our bags, but no, the Conga King does not have the time nor the sense to avoid the bags, he goes through the middle dammit! Of course the whole rest of the line follows the Conga King straight through the bags too! There are people falling and tripping everywhere and our bags are totally obliterated. Facepalm!

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  1. I bet there was a massive queue to hug the Totoro! He is such a sweet character.

    Glad that the song worked out in the end. That much have been petrifying when your phone did that crazy lock thing!