Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Back To The Real World

After an awesome weekend of not worrying about baby stuff, stage fright is a very effective method of making sure you do not have time to worry about anything else, I am back to my usual worrying self. Mostly I am seriously not looking forward to my next scan, mostly as it's going to be in THE "scan room of death" from last September. I'm imagining me freaking out and crying ect, which is what I do every time I go to the hospital anyway so I suppose they are used to me by now. But I could pay for the private version instead and miss out the wonderful joys of the room of terror. Trouble is I'm broke and can't really justify it..but then again maybe this is one of those things that credit cards were invented for. I dunno?
I've bought myself a ready packed hospital bag from Ebay, as I'm paranoid that I'm going to need it soon. I felt bad as the seller usually has it with all the new baby stuff in it too and I asked her to take it all out, which made her all upset, and then I felt like a fraud as everything is actually ok at the moment. Anyway it is a very smexy black and white polkadot bag with red trim with everything I'll need, and it's worked out cheaper than buying everything individually (link here). So if I'm going down..I'll at least be going down in style!
It's funny how even thinking about buying things is such a big deal this time. Everything is like, hmmm would this actually be useful in the event of a dead baby. I have all the premature baby clothing websites ready to roll in my bookmarks as if anything happens this time I really want some actual baby clothes instead of just a pouch or the acrylic hand knit stuff that looks like a toilet roll holder (not that I didn't appreciate those from the hospital last time, just not what I would have chosen) anyway. I have been actually attempting to learn to knit and I have made some little booties and some mittens, but they are newborn size and are currently on DD's dolls as I did not want them to be one of those "made for the baby" things that I'll be all upset about. I may try and knit some mini mini size stuff just in case, which I can always donate to the hospital in the event of everything going ok. If anyone knows any nice modern, easy (like easy enough for idiot knittings noobs) knitting patterns in prem baby size going free on the net somewhere send me the links :D


  1. I reckon credit cards were invented for stuff like avoiding the horrible room.
    Love the bag, very chic!
    Have you had a look on ravelry for cute knitting patterns? If I come across anything I'll save the link for you. x

  2. Bliss are doing some knitting patterns as part of their 'tiny togs' campaign. There's a pattern for a knitted jacket up at the moment and a few more in the document list at the side.

    I can't knit so I don't know how easy they are! Ummmmm Jeanette?!

    I hope the worry eases my dear. Hang on in there.