Friday, 13 August 2010

Getting Creative!

With one day to spare I finally got Totoro finished! I'm actually pretty pleased with how he turned out as two days ago he looked more like that scary bunny out of Donnie Darko lol! I also had a panic on as there is a ball on the last evening and of course nothing I own for this sort of thing will fit around my already enormous belly so I rustled up a 3 tier ruffled black and white bustle, which ties around, and appliqued it with red hearts. I can still fit into the petticoat from the wedding so I'll just add this and will hopefully look all Tim Burton awesomeness or at the very least I'll look as if I've made the effort. I also made a skirt and bustle for my friend too so at least I won't look like an idiot on my own. Although I was really jealous of how it looked with her corset on lol! I tried to make a cool pair of steampunk style spats too but I made them to fit over the boots then forgot that I would actually have to be able to put my feet in the boots as well. I know they are usually button fastening but I thought I'd be clever and miss out that whole step so...back to the drawing board for me! We've got to leave this evening about 6 and I've not even started packing yet, eek! Best get to it!


  1. Have fun! Your costume looks amazing!

  2. Yay for the Totoro! He looks lovely. I can't imagine how he looked like the scary Donnie Darko bunny so recently!

    Hope you have a lovely time x

  3. great stuff! i wish i could do stuff like this, i did switch my sowing machine on today to do some owls haha and its going by itself so i'm scared and put it away! my fingers hurt from handstitching!