Thursday, 26 August 2010

Holiday Music

I'm sitting in a chalet in West Wales chilling out, I'm listening to some old music on my old laptop which my son brought with him(I didn't believe they would have internet here lol!). It's taking me back to the time I was pregnant with my first little girl, when I was still playing in a band. I did my last gig about a week before she was born with my bass guitar balanced on top of my huge belly. It's crazy to think back to how easy I found being pregnant back then, now I struggle with removing myself from the sofa and I'm only 18 weeks. I also remember doing this gig with a guy who never wore shoes on stage, he was one of those people who just ooze coolness and I remember feeling like a right idiot next to him. He was telling us about this song he wrote which was about this time he saw a clown performing with an old overcoat, making the coat look like a real person, it looked just like he was holding hands with it, dancing with it, falling in love and being rejected by it in the end and it was really sad and poignant. I loved the story of the song and I we swapped CD's and I put it on my laptop but I've not heard it for years. It's funny how I hear new meanings in song lyrics after everything that has happened in the last few years. I googled him and it looks like he's doing really really well, doing a tour thing with Orange and his songs were used on Grey's Anatomy. Pretty cool, but I'm still always slightly jealous of people we used to do gigs with who have done really well lol! Man, last month I found out my old band just supported Jace Everette (who does the awesome song at the beginning of True Blood) and I was just gutted I was not there for it! I'm going to jam with a guy from a band we used to know in Swansea soon, with a view to doing some open mic nights or something. I've got itchy feet to get back on the stage lol!

(Extract of)Jont Whittington- When The Time Comes

When the time comes you'll be screaming in your sleep,
when the times comes you'll be driven in too deep,
when the time comes for you to make your stand,
I tell you this,
I hope you're holding real hand
I hope your holding a real hand

Do you understand the rules of the game,
you're undertaking,
you can win you can lose,
but there's no forgetting,
when the time comes

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