Thursday, 19 August 2010

I Would Be Motivated But

My house is currently in a state of utter destruction right now, as we are getting the electrics in the kitchen done. They are only half finished as I have to get a plasterer to finish plastering before I can get the sockets actually switched on...this is something I hadn't got to grips with and I can't find a plasterer who can come before October :S I do have another guy coming tomorrow for a quote so hopefully he can do it a bit sooner. The electrician also helpfully informed me after doing all the testing that in fact the whole house really needs rewiring, great! EVERYTHING is covered in a fine layer of dust and all the kitchen and hallway stuff is piled high in the living room. I really should be like getting up off my butt and cleaning things like a normal adult would do, but I have a cold and I'm burrowed under the mess in a little den on the sofa with a pile of tissues and can't quite motivate myself to do anything. I'm getting distracted by silly videos especially, I'm like...hmmm really should actually get some work done today ...OMG THIS VIDEO *JOY*

We saw this vid at Amecon and it's so random, seriously WTF lol!! Ahh I love it! We are all singing SMOKEY JET! at every available opportunity :D


  1. I think that we are living similar lives! I am about as pregnant as you are and just last night, my hubby decides to replace a window! UM ~ Really?! I had just gotten our school room done, and he begins to demolish the wall with said window in it! SO, yet another room I will end up painting. Almost every room in our house needs painting due to a day of spontaneous plaster/drywall repair (hubby got motivated)! So, that brings the total to 7 rooms to be painted, one half deconstruted deck, shingles on the back of house to be replaced, and window repaired!

    Hope you feel better. Being sick and pregnant is never a good combo.

  2. Great video of William Shatner. He is so strange, I love him.