Thursday, 5 August 2010

A lucky Break

Everything is going pretty well pregnancy wise...I still feel pretty good, although I am honestly wishing I could just fit a catheter over night, I seriously got up about 15 times last night lol! Went for a glucose tolerance test on Monday and all was clear which is cool. But we have been having some serious cash flow issues, OH started a new job, and is moving from weekly pay to monthly and then there was a two week delay in starting,. Which means no cash coming in for 7 weeks, no pay until September and we have no savings to pay the mortgage, bills, food, petrol, school I was seriously starting to panic about how we were going to eat as the bills were going to take our overdraft to the limit. Plus my washing machine AND tumble dryer have just broken, GAH! I checked the bank this morning expecting to see the worst and lo and behold it was still in credit!! Amazingly tax credits had randomly given us a load of money they owed us, just enough to pay the bills and to afford grub for the rest of the month HELL YEHHHHHHH!!! I cannot believe our luck!! *happy happy happy joy joy joy*

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  1. sounds like someone's looking out for you, this I like :)