Monday, 27 September 2010

23 Weeks

I think I am beginning to lose the plot! My anxiety levels are through the roof this week, as this is the fateful week that we lost Isabella. Today I was back to the hospital and I had a total freak out on the way there as I was convinced I couldn't feel her moving and that my belly was smaller somehow. I sobbed all the way to the hospital on the bus, then had to go into the toilets in the hospital waiting room as I'd got myself in a right state convinced I was going to have to ring everyone with bad news. I pulled myself together a bit and went in to see the consultant, I explained everything I was worried about and she smiled and got the doppler out to check everything was ok, which thankfully it was. Everything was fine and she had a look at my scan results from last week and says she is really pleased with everything and that the baby is actually measuring a bit ahead, weighing approx 1lb 3oz already :D I felt all sheepish and silly for having such a panic on over nothing and of course this afternoon baby was moving about like crazy again...relief!
I also had my first lesson this morning on injection techniques...which I was late for as I lost my car keys and had to catch a train and then a bus to get to uni. I've still not found my stupid keys either...this is the second time I've properly lost them in two weeks! ARGH! In good news though my kitchen worktops and sink were fitted today which means the end of a stressful few days trying to manage with no kitchen at all. All the kitchen stuff was piled up in the living room and it was impossible to find anything and making a cup of tea was a major mission. The very nice plumber man redid all the sink pipework for free as my father in law managed to fall flat on his face and bent all the brand new plumbing on the way down.
I am feeling ten zillion times better about everything this evening and I'm having a nice time helping DD with her first ever cross stitch kit....and I can even get a cup of tea from my kitchen *bliss*


  1. Well 23 weeks was fateful for me and my girls too. I can only imagine how anxious and scared you must be. I'm so glad your little one is doing fine and measuring so nice and big!
    Glad I'm not the only one who is perpetually losing her keys. I locked myself out last week and had to call my mum! How old am I again?!

  2. Oh, I'm so very glad all is well, I've been thinking about you this week, and was getting anxious that you hadn't posted in a little while.x

  3. Thanks for your sweet words, and I'm just now stumbling across your posts. Hope the little one kicks extra to keep your hopes up. ((hugs))

  4. What a milestone -and scary one I'd imagine- to make it passed the week in pregnancy that Isabella died. I can only guess but I would bet that being pregnant again unleashes all sorts of fears and anxieties. I think that you have to cope the best way you can and going to the hospital for reassurance is nothing to feel silly about. I am happy that everything is going well and that baby is doing great.